Additional service

To ensure comprehensive service we offer clients an additional services eg. mechanical machining, painting, transport and associated service.



Thanks to our modern machine park we perform mechanical machining of castings. For more details click here:



On request of the client, we paint the details in order to protect them against corrosion. This is done in a spray or immersion technology.



Depending on the needs and possibilities of the customer we accept two transport possibilities:

  • personal transport provided by the client
  • transport provided by the Simiński-Ordon Cast Iron Foundry based on constant cooperation with the transport company



Our goal is to provide the customer comprehensive services in execution of His order. We focus on flexibility and adapt to technical requirements sat by the Contractor. Therefore, beyond the basic service we cooperate with external companies, to provide associated services, like:

  • enamelling
  • KTL painting
  • powder painting
  • hot dip zinc plating
  • galvanizing


We cooperate just with reliable partners, because we are aware that the level of services provided by them may affect the final evaluation of the entire order and satisfaction of our client.