The laboratory, next to the Quality Department, is a key organizational unit which verifies quality of the manufactured details. This is where technical requirements and customer expectations are correlate with the parameters of finished product.

Only the coherence of these two areas allows to successfully finished the production process and provide the high quality product to client.
For this purpose it is necessary that all measurements were made in modern technology environment and by qualified employees.
As a part of the ongoing analysis we conduct following measurements:

  • examination of sand in regard to its:
    • permeability
    • humidity
    • strength
  • examination of cast iron in regard to its:
    • strength
    • hardness
    • microstructure
    • elongation of ductile iron


All production parameters are constantly monitored and archived.

Among the tooling used in the laboratory there are e.g.:

  • equipment for examining parameters of sand:
    • rammer laboratory type LU
    • the camera to measure the strength of sand type of LRU – 1
    • instruments for examining permeability type LPiR – 1
    • moisture analyzer for examining humidity of sand
  • equipment for examining the strength and hardness of the cast iron
    • testing machine to the statistical tests type ZDM-30
    • hardness BRINELL type B-2
  • metallographic microscope to study the structure of metal
  • emission spectrometer to measure the chemical composition