Quality policy

Being conscious of the role of quality in company production policy the owners state as follows:

The prime goal of Simiński-Ordon is to achieve success by withstanding all our clients’ requirements and expectations in terms of: on-time deliveries, quality and professionalism in orders executions.

In order to achieve that we oblige to:

  • understand in full and come up to our clients’ requirements and expectations,
  • establish stable, long-lasting and based on partnerships relationships with our clients,
  • raise the consciousness and qualifications of our employees concerning responsibility for quality of produced castings,
  • collect actively clients’ comments, remarks and complaints and conduct research on level of our clients’ satisfaction regarding offered goods and services,
  • involve all employees in implementing, establishing and developing the system of quality management, improvement of production quality and applied technology,
  • cooperate only with verified suppliers of materials and services,
  • conduct periodical inspections and audits,
  • implement and improve the effectiveness of system of quality management accordingly to requirements of PN-EN ISO 9001:2001 and PN-EN ISO 14001:2005 standard.

Foundry owners assure that quality policy that has been established is the main and constant element of company operating.

Quality policy is published and it is executed by all departments of our company introduced to the quality management system and it is available for each interested party.

Zawodzie, date: 28.07.2008r.

Owner: Bernard Simiński                      Owner: Edyta Ordon