Mechanical machining

Thanks to the wide range of equipment, capability of Simiński-Ordon Cast Iron Foundry allows not only to machine cast iron produced by ourselves, but also execution of casting toolings (pattern plates), both for our own production needs and external service. The patterns are produced in 100% of metal in modern CNC machines and their sturdiness amounts 50,000 to 300,000 moulds.

The production process in the Simiński-Ordon Cast Iron Foundry is based on many years of experience and tradition of high quality products. However, maintaining competitiveness and ensuring the highest standards requires much more than the efficient use of know-how. In fact the key is prospective look into the future and a responsible development strategy. Therefore, our machining park is located in a new production hall and is subject to a systematic expansion and modernization. Every year we take every opportunity to diversify our machine park, guided by the innovation and market trends.

Our machine park includes:

  • milling machines
  • turning lathes
  • drill work station
  • screw tap work station

Our advantage is having our own laboratory with modern automatic coordinate measuring machine Ares by Coord company with measuring capacity X-1000 mm, Y-600 mm, Z-450 mm. Our equipment allows us to perform measurements with an accuracy of one micron, as well as examining dependence between the various casting dimensions. As a result, we are able to provide the highest quality even the most demanding customers. This kind of equipment enables us to make constant control of tolerance dimensions between produced casting and technical drawing.

During the machining process parameters are checked several times, thus our engineers are able to implement needed adjustment.

Ultimately, this leads to the achievement of full compliance machined casting, which fulfill the requirements set by the customer. Eventually thanks to that measuring machine is located on the premises it enable us to do all the significant activities on place, without outsourcing. That definitely shortens the lead time for the final product.

Mechanic machining department dispose of following equipment:

  • AVIA milling machines:
    • X5 1250/630 – 5 axis, 1250 x 700x 725 mm
    • VMC 1000HS – 3 axis, 1000 x 540 x 620 mm
  • DUGARD HD milling machine – 4 axis, 1300 x 630 x 600 mm
  • vertical mechanic center with a rotary table HYUNDAI F500D –
    3 axis, 2 x 600 x 460 x 570 mm
  • DMG MORI DMC 1150V milling machine – 3 axes, 1150x700x550mm
  • HYUNDAI-KIA V500 milling machine – 3 axes, 1060 x 510 x 635 mm
  • HYUNDAI-WIA vertical turning lathe:
    • LV800  with rotating tools, turning diameter fi 800 mm
    • LV450 with rotating tools, turning diameter fi 450 mm
  • MONFORTS  two-spindle turning lathe with automatic transfer and independently driven tools, turning diameter fi 220 mm
  • HYUNDAI turning lathes:
    • SKT 21 – turning diameter 350 mm
    • SKT 28 – turning diameter 410 mm
    • L230A – turning diameter 350 mm
  • column drills
  • saw for metal cutting
  • KOYAMA automatic grinding machines
  • all types of measurement tools e.g.:
  • MAHR and FUTURO instruments for measuring the roughness
  • sensor– clocks and electronic gauge
  • calipers , depth gauges
  • and other