Melting plant

Melting plant is a place where it is produced the liquid metal – grey iron and ductile iron. All used raw materials have quality certificates. The composition of the liquid metal is controlled several times, to meet all the norms.

Melting plant in Simiński-Ordon Cast Iron Foundry operates in duplex system. Metal is melted in a electric crucible furnaces of medium frequency with capacity of 2 x 4 tons. Next fluid metal is hold in a channel-type induction furnace with a capacity of 200 kW and a capacity of 4 tons. The furnace also function as a automatic pouring devive.

This furnace acts also as automatic pouring device. Inoculant is blown directly onto metal stream during mould pouring. Additionally pouring temperature is measured with the help of optical pyrometer. All data are archived.

In melting plant we use the following machines:

  • Otto Juncer GmbM induction furnace
  • hot pouring device
  • Pour-Tech AB cold pouring device
  • Euro-Equip and Yuatsuki crusher scrap