Sand processing

Good quality of sand is necessary to make appropriate casting mould. For this purpose it is necessary to cooperate variety of machines, which produce sand, transport it to the place of mould production, and separate the casting from sand in rotating drum. Separated sand will be recycled and re-used for further production. All the devices in sand processing station in the Simiński-Ordon Cast Iron Foundry belong to the BAT (Best Available Techniques).

In the Simiński-Ordon Cast Iron Foundry the above process is mechanized, which streamlines the production and reduces the risk of castings effects. At every stage of the sand circulation quality is systematically controlled.
Mixing process takes place in paddle mixers. Paddle mixer is one of most modern plants for sand mixing. Thanks to dynamic mixing process, paddle mixer is the most effective and economic among all other used mixers so far.

All components which are dosed to mixer are also weighed at precise electronic scales. System measures moisture and temperature parameters too. Based on those parameters system calculates and adds adequate water.

Thanks to modern technology, as well as the meticulous work of the crew, the above mentioned process makes it possible to maintain a stable and high parameters of sand.

Sand processing station is equipped with following devices:

  • paddle mixer with capacity of:
    • 3 000 kg
    • 2 000 kg
  • system of moisture control
  • SAVELLI sand cooling system with cooler SK 120