About Us

Simiński-Ordon Cast Iron Foundry is a company which puts the best quality and professional Customer service first. Thanks to these principles and hard work of the entire team we have been a leader in the foundry business for a long time.

Series production of grey and ductile iron castings is our core business. The best quality is ensured through the hi-tech equipment such as automatic Disamatic moulding line and well-qualified employees.

Our success has been based on effectively used know-how and experience since 1980. At present the foundry is managed by: Edyta Ordon and Bernard Simiński, who own 50% shares each.

During the last 20 years the foundry has been developing intensively. Since that time 1 000 new positions have gone into production. That allow us to increase production volume from 800 to 10 000 tons/year. Present production capacity amounts to 30 000 tons/year. Thanks to that we deliver castings to the Customers from Poland and 15 other countries.

Since 2005 Simiński-Ordon Cast Iron Foundry has implemented and improved the effectiveness of quality management system according to the requirements of PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System.

Every day we meet the expectations of our Customers. We suggest solutions, improve projects and solve problems together. We are aware that our company provides components which later become part of an extensive project. Separately they are only a piece of metal. Together with other parts they become important. They gain safety function (automotive industry), are used to build infrastructure of houses and workplaces (building industry) or to manufacture a foodstuff (agricultural machines). Everything above is possible provided their structure perfectly matches the whole. That makes us responsible indirectly for of our partner’s success. Fully aware of it, we make every effort to keep up our production on the highest standards.

Operating in the foundry industry we take into consideration our impact on the environment. Our activity is based on environmental protection.

We focus on development. We believe that only perspective look in the future guarantees a long-term success on the market. Therefore we are constantly investing in new devices such as(CNC machines, a new Disamatic production line, core-shooters with cold-box method and etc.) and development of our employees. Moreover we listen to our Customers; their remarks and suggestions let us understand the expectations of the market in a better way and respond to its needs more accurately. Directions of the development are indicated by two owners: Edyta Ordon and Bernard Simiński.

Meeting the highest standards means for us:

  • complex design
  • precise and modern production
  • on time deliveries
  • qualified and eager to help customer care
  • competitive price

At each of these stages we pay attention to details. We believe this will lead to customer satisfaction.

TRADITION , TECHNOLOGY, QUALITY – these three words best reflect the character and philosophy of our company.

Do not hesitate to contact our Sales Department to gain more detailed information.

We invite You to long-term cooperation.

Simiński-Ordon Cast Iron Foundry Sp.z o.o. Sp.k.


Simiński-Ordon Cast Iron Foundry Sp.z o.o. Sp.k.
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